Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cutie Doll 2

This Cutie Doll is made by my younger daughter Nidharshini. Nidharshini is having very good artistic skills, so creative and a passion for arts .  I am always amazed at her photographic memory and her novel ideas while drawing .

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hand crafted South Indian Girl - Cutie Doll

Remembering my childhood days : The Doll Kutty
Paavadai Chattai (full skirt and blouse) is  one of the traditional South Indian dress for girls.
When I was young, I wore those kind of clothes and everybody used to call me Kutty (Now you know my secret of why I named her Kutty). During that time, we didn't have a fridge at my house. We used to keep fresh water (no mineral water or boiled water)  in  terracotta  pots to make it cool  during peak summer. Making this beautiful doll reminded me of my childhood. It was really memorable; the 2 plaited hair with ribbon,beaded necklace, matching bangles , flowers....

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